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Custom/Fanon Minifigure Wiki, is the largest, Custom and Fanon Minifigure Wiki in existence. Here, you and other fans of LEGO Minifigures, can make up your own MOC (My Own Creation), or idea and display it in its own encyclopedia article! Anyone can put their custom, fanon Minifigure creations and stories on this wiki, as long as it's not inappropriate or copyrighted.
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Featured Creation

Elite Space Police Commando

The Elite Space Police is a 24 year old Police.

Early Life

  • This Minifigure was trained on Planet Earth when he was 21 years of age, and transferred to an Asteroid, due to Squidtron's redundant behaviour.

History Made

  • Saved 200 Space Credits from bieng robbed by Squidtron. Read more.....

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  • February 4, 2011: Tatooine creates the Wiki.

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  • 40 billion stacked LEGO Bricks would reach the moon.

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Featured Image

IMG 4159
Commander Cuthlewaite Withywindle is a soldier in the New Planetonia Space Corps who distinguished himself in many battles and quickly rose through the ranks. He is now semi-retired, although he never passes up the chance of a good fight. He is never seen without his twin blasters, and beret. Read More...

Photographer: Cligra
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